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Sweetness in the Reality Check

It’s tax day.  Sometime over the past couple of months we’ve all had the opportunity to do a “year in review” at some level.  Being self-employed for as long as I have, my annual year in review usually contains quite a bit of detail, reflection, regrouping and amusement.  In addition to what was new, accomplished, invented, or sold, there is always the long list of interesting people, humbling lessons, celebrations, disappointments, great books, new venues and whatever my kids are up to.

I’ve also had a project come up a few months ago, which gave me cause to go through my personal archives going back to 2001.  Good grief.  Aside from the huge pain in the backside it was to dig out old records and compile data, that particular “memory lane” took me back to things I did in my businesses, events and adventures, places we experienced as a family, and an entire host of what life does as it continues to “life”.

What I discovered after compiling information and sorting data, my stats ended up offering me so many sweet realizations!  I got to reflect on so many fun activities and trips my kids did, especially in junior high and high school.  I reminded myself how happy I am that I wasn’t a hockey mom and all that goes into that commitment.  My family is extremely healthy with a minimal of basic medical bills.  Ok, the orthodontist is a different story after numerous sets of braces for the darlings.  Then again, they all do have gorgeous smiles now.  Amidst the hassle of all that paper, I found drawings and cards and “I love you, Mom” stories everywhere.  Like flowers in rubble.  Beautiful.  The final bonus was another garbage bin of full of "what was I keeping this for?"

This brings me back to tax day.  In your reflection of your 2009 “data”, whether credit card statements or charitable contributions, what kinds of sweet blessings did you discover?  Did you decide not to go on a family vacation due to what you decided your economy to be?  Has that had an impact on your travel for this year?  Have you been downsized or chosen to retire, knowing that your W2 is the last one you’ll ever attach to a Form 1040?  Could you have resolved that from now on, your forms will be 1099’s or K-1’s because you are SO DONE building someone else’s kingdom (or queendom)?  Did your PTO days get used for obligations or fun?  Did you realize you’ve made more money by working smarter because you were wise about what systems you implemented last year?

What about gratitude?  Now that you’ve found the blessings in the cold hard reality of your data, do you have an under-appreciated support group that got you here that might need to hear how much you love them?  Do your girlfriends, neighbors and/or family need to be commended for putting up with you?  Oh, where’s my mirror on that one….

Yes, our thinking and self-talk create our reality, yet we don’t live in a vacuum. Thank those that were part of your journey.  Love those that still are pushing you to have your dreams come true.  Be inspired by what your reality check taught you once you get real with your numbers -whether on your bathroom scale or your portfolio.  We are already into the second quarter of 2010, another year that is going to blink by as fast as these past three months.  What are you willing to do NOW that you can reflect back on during next year’s tax season and say, “Wow!  What a sweet life I’ve created in 2010!”?

BE the Inspiration YOU are!


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Reader Comments (2)

This is awesome! Thank you for being part of my journey. I love you tons!

April 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJuli

Thank you, Juli. Life is sweeter with you in it! xo

April 16, 2010 | Unregistered Commentercindyinspires

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