Let's Connect!

There is no “Out There”.

All of us see the world through our own filters.  What we like about others is what we cherish about ourselves.  For example, if we value intelligence in ourselves, we would find that trait attractive in others.  Conversely, aspects we don’t like about others simply reflect a parts of our character that might warrant examining.  Simply, if I don’t like being controlled, I need to pay attention to when I’m controlling.


Given this "filter"concept, I wondered how I could build my website to bring value to people who I find interesting as well as those, who in turn may be interested in some of my ponderings, teachings, stupid mistakes, etc. 


The natural solution was to ask.  I sent off a survey with 3 questions to people I’ve worked with in some way in the past.  

The survey:

1.  List up to five words or phrases describing why you either (a) do business with me, (b) refer people/business to me or (c) hang out with me.

2.  I plan to have an active blog featured on my website. What, if anything, would you find of value for me to write about?

3.  Please write a short testimonial highlighting our work together or what the value of our connection means to you.

The results:

1.  The general  theme of what came back is on summarized in the five words you see on my header banner.

2.  Blog topics were so random that I really have enough ideas for the rest of my life.  Here’s a short list. 

“Write about your life.  Humor (even if it is acquired with less than ideal circumstances) is a strength of yours.”

“Instincts on business and personal decision making, and how powerful instincts are.”.

“Your hand writing analysis, many life experiences, sales techniques.”

“Just write about your crazy life, I like the entertainment!”

“Speak from your heart like you've taught me.”

“Coaching, transformation work, tips on how to succeed in business.”

“Your experiences, your views on current events.”

 “Introducing individuals that are in need of assistance in certain areas, i.e. someone is looking for a place to take care of their dog while they are out of town, or someone is looking for a referral for a plumber.”

“Creative ways to gain business.”

“Marketing tools and techniques; Coaching exercises or strategies; Your take on the state of the world.”

“Write about whatever you want...it’s always amusing.”

Notice much relatedness?  Me neither.  That's good...I'm considering it “permission” of sorts to randomly write some inspiring copy, with topics all over the place.  I love my friends’ help!  I get bored out of my mind doing the same thing for too long, so who knows what will show up on my home page.

3.  Regarding the experiences of our work together, whatever that may have been over the years, here is where my friends and colleagues really went all out to show what aspects of themselves they value, as I said in the very first part of this page. It’s humbling, exciting, deep, wonderful and inspiring that my friends and colleagues reflected their coolness back to themselves based on our interaction.  

How would you write a short testimonial for the people you whom you work, play, live with or serve?  Since there is no “Out There”, what’s that saying about YOU?  How blessed I am to hang with people who reflect these attributes in themselves as witnessed through our connection, whether they value insight, power, spirituality, playfulness, inspiration, learning, teaching, connectedness or fun...all playing out in many forms.

Yeah, this list is a bit long and I dropped a bunch so I could add a couple from other feedback.  I find it fun to see what people find important. 

“Cindy is able to see through the clutter, which then helps determine the next course of action to take." ~J.R.

“I hired Cindy Daniels to do classroom training for my client since the training load was more than I could handle myself. She did a fantastic job, and 100% of the participants rated her 100%. She has a knack for communicating ideas and expanding participant's view of what's possible. Cindy is reliable, creative, and wonderful to work with!” ~ S.A.

“I am grateful that Cindy came into my life just when I needed her. She has evoked the essence of who I am and what I am capable of and is equipping me with the tools I need to achieve my dreams."  ~K.O.

“My hand analysis was especially thought-provoking for me. I wish I had had something like that when I was in my twenties!" ~ B.H.

“Cindy is an amazing individual who brings together many personalities into a cohesive whole." ~L.B.

“Cindy is great to work with one-on-one and also in a group setting.  Her valuable listening skills combine with her expertise to really hear what a person desires to achieve, and she gets you in action around what you desire in your life."  ~T.W.

“You have helped me improve my life and my beingness in numerous ways. The start that I now have at growing my inner peace is due in no small part to my connection to you and others that that connection has evolved to.  You are the most amazing person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know.  If we were all 'being' like you then there would be peace in this world." ~R.S.

“Cindy is an amazing woman.  I have worked with her on and off as my coach for many years.  She will get you where you want to go with wit and experience.  Cindy doesn't play games and will let you be wherever you are without buying into the drama.  That takes patience, courage and I'm sure a lot of laughter.  Thank you for everything!" ~ P.M.

"Cindy, you keep keep me connected to my vision and what's real.  You are one person I can always count on to bring me back to my vision and true purpose.  You take a stand for me.  That quality is rare and a fabulous gift to me.  Thank you."  ~K.G.

“Cindy did a brief hand analysis for me that was SPOT ON!!! I was intrigued with the information, she was open to ANY question I raised, and she made it fun. She was comfortable speaking to deeper issues/concerns that I thought I could 'hide' from others and did so with ease and grace and gentle understanding." ~M.S.

“1. You are one of the most optimistic, positive people I know;

2. Whether business-related or personal, you always offer a new perspective;

3. Your energy is infectious;

4. Your heart and intentions are genuine;and,

5. You attract and surround yourself with diverse, interesting women and friends.  I would simply add or summarize by thanking you for making me feel appreciated, valued and noticed.”  ~C.C.

“You are a very likeable person and easy to listen to and take advice from. You get me to think, which is how I learn and what I enjoy.   Although subtle, the differences I'm experiencing are meaningful to me.” ~N.J.

“Your ability to generate ideas, think creatively, and make connections is energizing.”  ~ I.K.

“You are the most giving, selfless, and insightful person I know. Your generosity is contagious, and I am trying to aspire these unique qualities because you are such an inspiration.” ~S.K.

“Cindy Daniels and I have been network buddies for about 7 years. I have learned so much from Cindy -she is a 'walking women's resource'. When she chooses a woman's charity - it is always one where you just want to give from your heart because of the way she describes it.  She is extremely nonjudgmental and open to all opinions.   She shares herself freely, no matter what stage of life she is in - as she knows that her friends can relate.  She answers you truthfully and doesn't beat around the bushes.”  ~A.S.

“Cindy is a several deep breaths of fresh air. A woman who walks quietly, yet boldly through a world that we all live in but who sees it from more perspectives than most of us are aware exist.”   ~R.J.

“Cindy's energy is contagious--wherever it is on any given day;) She is a lover of learning and readily shares what she is learning with others generously.”  ~M.A.

“You have been a great leader in the community.. Every time I talk with you, I learn more interesting things about what you have done in your life. Your passion for life is contagious.”  ~ M.K.

“Cindy always enjoys connecting her friends with her friends for personal and business opportunities.”  ~J.F.

“Because of the way Cindy does business, we have become great friends. She truly has a passion for connecting and helping people. She has mentored me and been an accountability person for me. I am truly grateful for our relationship.” ~R.K.

“Cindy Daniels energy is expansive, her ability to create connection is magical, and her insight is inspiring.” ~S.C.

“Cindy is one of the most generous and kind teachers that I've worked with. Her focus on how she can provide more than what you bargained for. She's an inspiration and resource for knowledge and people. I'd say Cindy has to be one of the most connected people I've ever met and I've met a lot of people.”   ~L.M.

“Cindy is one of the wisest and most spiritually aware people I know. If you are fed up with living on the surface and want to deep sea dive, you need to talk to Cindy.”  ~N.L.

“Our work together helps me learn more about myself in the eyes of others.  Gives me a fresh perspective on a situation that I may have some preconceived bias towards. “  ~M.L.

“Cindy is a great listener.  She has a multitude of resources and usually has several solutions or suggestions for whatever you need.  She provides another perspective for ideas or issues that you have, and is honest enough to point out what will and will not work for you. The value of our connection is that she is a great friend who I can completely trust.”  ~S.O.

“Cindy is one of the most high-energy people I know. She works hard and loves to connect with other people and help facilitate the connections of others. She is genuine and enthusiastic in her business and personal life.”   ~M.L.

“Cindy & I met working at an Insurance Agency. I was immediately drawn to her warmth and gift of sharing.  Sharing her knowledge has been invaluable and although we do not see each other often, when we do, I always learn something new. “  ~P.S.

“Cindy's friendship has been a wonderful blessing to me.  She is constantly looking for ways to improve the world around all of us, for all of us, through all of us.  She is one of those genuine, one-of-a-kind people that makes you dream about what our world could be if there were more people like her in it.” ~R.L.

“I attend an annual women's retreat where I met Cindy years ago. In that time I've come to know her as an energetic woman who always is always bettering herself; growing in spirit and sharing with others to do the same.”  ~C.F.

“Cindy always finds the best in me even though it may not have been on my radar. I like the way I always feel more confident and stupendous when I am with her.”  ~B.L.

"If you've ever met someone you connect with so quickly and comfortably, Cindy Daniels would probably be that person!" ~ B.T.

“Cindy is an incredible and unique person due to her ability to encourage, inspire and create relationship with others. She is creative, understanding, and inspiring with the ability to capture your dreams, give you insights into what really matters to you, and then motivate you to take the actions to make your dreams become a reality. Cindy is one of the best women I know and a divine catalyst for change in the world.” ~D.S.

“Cindy is a funny person, she also has a serious side, she is a valued friend, I would recommend her for palm reading and a coach.”  ~C.P.

“Cindy knows everything about everything!! I can write more some time.”   ~C.B.

“Cindy has proven a great friend over the past several years. She is faithful, honest, insightful and respectful.  I would have no qualms in referring any of my friends or family to her for coaching.” ~L.W.

“Cindy does an excellent job in palmistry of showing both the potential and how you have reached the potential. She is able to bring out directions you can pursue that haven't been given much attention and even ideas as to how to pursue them. she is honest and diplomatic with what she communicates back to you.  As far as maintaining a friendship with her, I enjoy her for her humor, creativity, thoughtfulness and her ability to bring the best out in others.”  ~N.C.

“My connection with Cindy has become very special to me.  We met on a business level and have now become friends. Cindy always has a very calming effect on me, she makes me feel relaxed and comfortable when I am in her company, I feel this is because she has an inner peace and is comfortable in her skin.  I am thankful for her friendship.”   ~C.S.

“Extremely trustworthy. “  ~D.A.

“Cindy is so giving with a huge heart tempered with a no nonsense intellect. That is a rare combination but you'd have experience her to know what I'm talking about.”  ~D.P.

“I have known and conducted business with Cindy for over 20 years and have found her to be reliable, honest and very customer service oriented.”   ~P.C.

“Being in relationship provides a solid, reliable experience with someone of integrity & fun.”   ~R.E.

“The greatest benefit I received from working with Cindy is that she was able to customize her salesmanship message to meet my needs.  I received specific directives and advice rather than generic sales advice.”  ~A.B.

“My life would be still as a dull, unhappy letter carrier if I hadn't met you. You've helped me to blossom and grow and achieve and experience life in a diamond's worth of facets.”   ~J.W.

“Cindy and I have known each other for approximately 20 years. Our paths have crossed many times and always Cindy is gracious, warm and willing to share her enthusiasm! “  ~E.V.

“Cindy Daniels has been a gift to me professionally and personally. She offers business referrals and makes business connections on my behalf. Her monthly “Girlfriend” meetings are so much fun and a wonderful opportunity to network in a comfortable relaxed setting.  Cindy has worked with a fellow co-worker transitioning from an inside sales person to an outside sales person. Her structured program was well thought out emphasizing the professional goals and strengths of the employee. I greatly appreciate my business and personal relationship with Cindy!”  ~C.H.

“Cindy lives her life from her heart and it comes through in her business dealings.  She is very established in the business community and it shows in the circle of people she surrounds herself with.” ~M.R.

“I so enjoyed our time together. Cindy was full of insight and wisdom and shared that with me in a way that was both fun and enlightening. I highly recommend her services.”  ~C.O.

“Cindy is a smart, funny, inspirational motivator. She takes a creative, positive approach to her work. She is a wonderful swing dancer. “  ~J.U.

“Cindy stretches my mind. She evokes possibilities instead of limitations and that is all too rare in our world today.”  ~A.P.

“Cindy is a results -oriented, other's based consultant. She listens and offers insight and direction.”  ~S.J.

“Cindy Daniels is a lovely lively woman who loves deeply.  Once in her circle, she honors, s and finds way to GIVE GIVE GIVE...She is committed to one's success and often asks, "How can I support you?" She is a dynamic coach, teacher, listener, and networker.  To be in her circle is a great gift!”  ~J.F.

"I wanted to say congratulations to you.  Over the last six months or so, I have met with maybe two dozen people who are executive or business coaches.  So far, you are the only on I have met who understands the difference between coaching and strategy." ~W.C.

“She rocks!”  ~T.C.