Let's Connect!

Exactly what IS it you DO, Girl?

The media might call someone like me a serialpreneur. 

To simplify, I inspire.

I THINK. A lot.

And TALK. A lot.

And WRITE. A lot. 

I sell ideas and concepts (my favorite thing).  In a perfect world, they improve something.

I LISTEN differently.  With over 35 years in full time marketing and/or sales, thousands of hours of coaching and raising 3 kids to adulthood, listening "differently" is what distinguishes what isn't necessarly being verbalized from what isn’t being said. 

Being a “me too” is not an ambition of mine.  

I get bored out of my mind doing the same thing for too long after I learn it to the point that I care to know about whatever "it" is.  

Keeping with the old analogy of a dog sled team:  ”If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes.” 

I have pulled a sled and pioneered new territory many times in several industries and organizations, now realizing that I’d rather take the sleet and snow in the face for the shot at the view than to be a follower of the same ass in my face all day.  View of new horizons trumps view of same ass. 

I'm selfish.  My life’s work evolves around being with others in a way that they bring forth their individual brilliance and live a life that inspires them...because that inspires me.  I would much rather teach to fish (sustainable skill development) vs. feed someone fish (a one-shot).  Unless we are out for sushi and there is wine involved, of course.

My speaking engagements never fail to be a source of amusement – at least to me.  Most usually, the message(s) that I plan and study to deliver get derailed with some different (and usually better) comes out of my mouth.  Really, I'm just a messenger.  Apparently, somehow my messages need to be “tweaked” for a specific audience, no matter how much pre-homework I do.  I’ve learned to give it up, since my feedback confirms that the value is delivered.

To summarize, at least at this phase of my life, my work evolves around being with others who don't "do" normal.  The ones who know that they are different, unique AND choose to capitalize on their wonderfulness. 

My tribe are the teachers, leaders, healers, artists and the business strategists who can't or won't let conformity stifle or suck their genius' dry.  

Yet, sometimes they need a catalyst to be the mirror for them to "see" thier form of brilliance; to live the life that makes them happy.  

Somehow, when it’s their time to be courageous and be/do/have what THEY are up to being/creating/living…not what someone else determines another’s life “should be” we seem to find each other. It's very cool.

If you are still with me and have the courage to venture on...

I also write, promote, engage, play, coach, host, work, connect, create, sell, attract, teach, explore and love "doing deals".  Add to that list: love, observe, heal, parent, lead, market, optimize, strategize, volunteer and a bunch more, and philosophize.

I’m not a believer in “balance”.  Unless, of course, one is a gymnast, weighing something on a scale or there’s some temporary need for stillness of some kind.  Laws of nature don’t sustain “balance”, so how can we hold that illusion?

I believe balance only fulfills a very temporary purpose and is misused when one is seeking some form of sanity in a situation...like the concept of work/life balance.  Oh, just stop it already with that idealistic theory - it's harmed so many.

I am a believer in "harmony".  Replacing “balance” with “harmony” to have more peace in a work/life situation makes more sense to me.?  Harmony is inclusive and sustainable.

That point leads the HOW of “What I do”.  As in nature, we are either growing or dying.  Period.  There is no “in between”. 

The only thing constant is change, and every living thing, whether it’s a person, plant, idea, business, relationship, project, or whatever, is in some part of a natural cycle.  Even in it's own growth stage, it maxes itself out in that form and turns into a seed for the next generation of itself, then it’s recycled for “what’s next”.  As the Universe is built to be ever-expanding, despite its every-evolving forms, its growth graph keeps charting to the right and up.

That said, most of the things I DO could be considered in the category of Change Management (even though that sounds way to Corporatese for me).  I get hired to coach, talk/teach, stragetize, heal, analyze hands or entertain in some inspiring way.  I offer longer term programs for those who are seeking more sustainable change.  

I am in the beginning stages of building a daily app that will help people have access to a simple system to uncover what makes them happy.  Happy, fulfilled people don't go home and yell at the kids and kick the dog. They live inspired lives and pass that vibe on.  

After all the years of coaching, consulting, parenting, helping build others build businesses, and encouraging many to bring forth their brilliance, the common theme is seeking happiness.  I'm planning to launch my site first quarter, 2017.

As a writer, my formats vary.  Sometimes (rarely actually) my many teachings and philosophizing show up in my blog posts on this site, but are usually in some email campaign, teaching my team and customers about the benefits of different therapeutic grade essential oils or other random ways to make life better.

I do a fair amount of my copywriting and content writing for my writing services company, WordQueens, helping others get their messages out for the effective results they seek.

I garden for sanity in the summer months, read different books monthly with my lovlies at The Biz Book Club (so I get beyond internet research - yay!) and love barre workouts.

Whew!  You made it.  I’d love to serve you in any capacity you feel that “What I Do” could inspire you to bring forth your brilliance!