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 essence inspires 

es·sence  –noun

  1. the basic, real and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature or features.
  2. a substance obtained from a plant, drug, or the like, by distillation, infusion, etc., and containing its characteristic properties in concentrated form.
  3. an alcoholic solution of an essential oil; spirit.


Launch an EPIC 2017 highlighting "Your Personal Best" and "Your Personal Brand"


Is it time to create or update your “presence” to the world?

Or maybe simply update your company’s antiquated website? 

Fresh, original content writing or evoking your inner genius can enhance your brand image!

Launch 2017 with these limited-time specials!

Website copywriting package special: $500

  • Four (4) pages original keyword-rich website copy
  • Inquiry Questionnaire, interview and research
  • Multiple headline options to choose from per page
  • Includes 2 edits
  • A 15ml bottle of doTERRA® Lavender essential oil

Need some marketing copy, but not website copy?  When you need more than a website or social media presence to bring your marketing message to the world, let’s talk about your project and I’ll create a special just for you!

  • A 15ml bottle of Lavender essential oil is also part of this offer.


Ready to play BIG (or bigger) personally and professionally in 2017?

6-month Customized Coaching Program:  $600/month ($3,300 if you prepay)

  • Includes Customized Executive Coaching Plan and Program Binder
  • Focus on 3-5 outcomes
  • Weekly calls with Cindy Daniels, CEC (Certified Effectiveness Coach)
  • A bottle of doTERRA® Lavender essential oil

 Personal Best/Personal Brand promotion expires 1-30-17

  • All pricing is in US Dollars and promotions are non-refundable.  I accept cash (not in the mail), checks and Visa/MC/Discover/AmEx.
  • Email cindy@wellnessinspires.com

For the “story” that prompted this, refer to my 12-19-16 post:  When lavender essential oil motivates (vs relaxes)