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wellness inspires is 5 today!

Today is a celebration!

I have been sharing the health and lifestyle benefits with my “wellness inspires” brand – educating about doTERRA® essential oils for FIVE years! 

Having been affiliated with direct sales and relationship marketing effectively since 1992 (and a superfan of the industry model, if done right), I must admit that being a Wellness Advocate with this best-in-class innovative science and education company has made this entrepreneurial journey a blast. Not only do the therapeutic grade essential oils and nutritionals WORK, the company is inventive and attentive on many fronts – a perfect match for “wellness inspires”.

From the doTERRA® founders’ principles, to the cutting edge science, the testing and quality control, the improvements in the lives of the growers’ communities all over the globe where oils are sourced, the individual and team development training and even the exquisite product packaging – all of it makes it easy to celebrate 5 years with this billion dollar wellness company.

Teaching about superconcentratedplantextracts is deeply rewarding for me! I’ve witnessed changed lives of so many – physically, emotionally and financially. Hey, who doesn’t have “stuff”?! My dynamic, growing team is spreading the word about pure and potent essential oils all over the country…and it’s only the beginning.

This IS a Happy Anniversary day. :)


A Reflection on this Mother's Day

It matters not whether you birth, love, grow or nurture people, pets, plants, communities or causes, may you and your "babies" be blessed.
30 years ago today, I was blessed with my first of 3 ongoing "life experiments" as I became a mom for the first time.
Although I'm not at the point of growth that millions of moms before me have experienced, here's what I've figured out (so far) about the experiment called "Motherhood":
 - "Urgency" will be re-defined over the years
 - Moms learn more than they teach
 - Moms laugh more than they cry
 - Repetition and reminders for skill development is important
 - Repetition and reminders for chores, curfews and skills already learned is annoying
 - A mother will grow to appreciate her mom, grandmother and other wise women
 - "All Choices have Consequences" is not the answer kids like most
 - Refrigerator "art" is meaningful
 - The sky is not falling 
 - "Silence is golden" is debatable
 - A child will wake up with a temp on a day you are pitching a giant proposal
 - If you don't have a Plan B, one will be created pretty quickly
 - "No." is the shortest sentence that will generate the longest ongoing "discussion"
 - Bedtime stories matter.  So does playing chauffeur.
 - Self-care is mandatory
 - Mommy, Ma!, Mommmmmmmm, Mother, Mama, Hey Mom - is an evolution of the first word a baby says, a child's most comforting "go to" as they grow, and the words a mother will never tire of hearing
 - "I love you, Mommy" evolves to "I love you, Mom"...and will still melt your heart
Happy Mother's Day!



As I was driving back from the hospital...

...I was thinking I needed to make a facebook announcement to my friends and family that lived far away.

I didn't know at the time it would be considered a "tribute", yet at Dad's memorial service last weekend, Mom wanted my commentary framed on the tables of pictures, next to the wonderful video slide show Reed put together for Grandpa and the sturdy pine box containing the remaining physical parts of Dad, unmistakably labeled "Big John".  

. . . . .

Everybody knew him as “Big John”.

My kids call him Grandpa.

The rest of us call him Dad.

He was lucky enough to meet Regina, the best life partner in the world, and adored her for 58 years of “for better or for worse”.

I was born on his 31st birthday and we shared at least 50 birthday cakes together.  Our last one was only weeks ago.

John was an incredible hunter and loved to fish.  Fish a lot.

He taught me how to take the hook out of a bullhead, rake hay, shoot a small target at a distance, snowmobile, skin rabbits and hate ice fishing.

I learned how to stay safe around power take-offs, bulls and electric fences (he missed on the June bugs...they still creep me out).

His disposition taught me how to play great defense...which turned out to be one of my best life skills.

He and Mom hosted a ginormous party (because Dad knew everybody) in 1979 that was “referenced” by many for decades.  Aka:  My Big Fat Polish Wedding.  That was fun.

He loved to blow things up.  Often.  The louder the better – with some mischief in his eyes every time. 

Dad loved fireworks of all kinds.  All over our country tonight, he’ll likely be part of some shenanigans somewhere.

This Independence Day is so symbolic...final freedom from his body which just decided “enough is enough”. 

In celebration of the freedom that our forefathers stood for in order for us to have this country, let us all remember that freedom doesn’t come without some consequences.  Ever. 

So when the celebrations of our country’s independence start exploding in the sky tonight, I’m sure the loudest ones will have me reminiscing of when Dad would get the mischievous look on his face and say, “Watch this.” – the cue to cover my ears...because some sort of “boom” was on the way.   

Tonight:   Big Boom = Big John.

Tomorrow he can get back to hanging out in his tree stand and fishing off the dock.

Freedom inspires, Dad.

Rest in Peace.

John Syryczuk (5/27/26 – 7/3/12)                                                                       Cindy Daniels   7/4/12


Are you kidding me?!

“This is a perfect day”, thought the fish.  Swimming around in the bowl, wondering if it should do laps or circles.  It could see Sally and her brother looking out the window as Mom was away for a bit.  So peaceful. 

Then the cat showed up.  “That’s not good”, thought the fish.

The first sign of trouble was how happy-go-lucky he appeared in that tall stupid crooked hat – so crooked hat it couldn’t even stand up straight!  “How improper for this perfectly good day.  The boy appears alarmed because Mom is gone and that cat is here.  That’s not good.  Oh, dear.  Shenanigans! Hey...my water is splashing too much!”  It only took minutes to go from peaceful to pandemonium.

“WAIT!  Are you kidding me!?  If that damn cat isn’t enough..now we have Thing 1 and Thing 2 creating an apocalyptic atmosphere in my home!”, freaked the fish.

Can you relate?  You arrive at work on a perfectly good day, doing your perfectly happy job, having your perfect latte in your perfect office, then the phone rings with someone on the other end who didn’t have their perfectly good coffee of choice yet.  Or the office drama queen walks into your office with meltdown of the moment.  Maybe your computer isn’t working and you have a deadline.  There is a host of “Are you kidding me?!” moments that span a day...if you let them.

I just read a great blog post, attributed to Buddha, that might help you if you are having a day/week/life that the fish did in Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in the Hat” story:

Buddha was travelling in the company of several other people. One of the travelers began to test Buddha by responding to anything he had to say with disparaging, insulting, hurtful remarks.  Every day for next three days, the traveler verbally abused Buddha, calling him a fool, arrogantly ridiculing him in any way he could.  Finally, after three days of that ongoing behavior, the rude traveler could stand it no longer! He asked Buddha, "How can you continue to be so kind and loving when all I've done for the last three days is dishonor, offend and try to find ways to hurt you?  Each time I try to hurt you, you respond in a kind manner?  How can this be?!"  The Buddha responded with a question for his fellow traveler, "If someone offers you a gift, and you do not accept that gift, to whom does the gift belong?"

The next time your perfectly good day appears to be rattled by some outside influence, you now have another option other than, “Are you kidding me?!” with which to respond.  You can take the "gift"...or not.


The Heat is On!

Oh crap.  It’s the first day of NaBloPoMo.  I felt like I was off the hook because November is and has been NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  Considering I’ve been putting off the book(s) I allegedly have in me for enough Novembers, this one isn’t of any significance in that department.

For you author-wanna-be's out there out there:  Those of you who would like to birth a book fast, you better get on it, because today is DAY 1.  Ready – Fire – Aim!  I’m presuming you can find some sort of support at www.nanowrimo.org if you need to regurgitate a novel in 30 days.

That still leaves me with the NoBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) dilemma.  NoBloPoMo is called “Glorious Madness” on BlogHer.  "Madness" I understand.  "Glorious" - not so much.  Although I don’t blog on that site, it’s pretty significant peer pressure to have all this commentary out there and mine isn’t part of it.

Last month I told WOW (my writers group) that although I write a lot daily, I haven’t done a blog post in close to forever.  Connie, the genius editor who runs the group, asked what I thought my “block” was on blogging and what do I write about on my site(s).  I replied, “Whatever shows up in my head” to which she simply stared at me and said, “That’s scary.”   

I continued the conversation that I was tired of being “proper” in my personal commentary.  When I want to say “I don’t give a shit”, I would write “I don’t care that I don’t care”.  Not anymore, because I’ve got too many days of posting coming up with this NoBloPoMo pressure.

There you go.  Forewarned is forearmed.  I’m curious to see what kind of “scary” comes out on these pages over the next month, too.