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Simple ways to help you feel happier, inspired, or even be a hero to someone


I feel blessed to be one of those people who have many interests.  "Multi-passionate" is what one of my girlfriends calls it.

Fortunately, all of them have some life-improvement value for those I involve in some capacity or I wouldn't play.

Poke around.  There will likely be some eye-rolling or even, "Wow....I didn't know that!" here ore there.

I'm personally involved with all of the fun, relevant, common sense stuff on this page, so if something speaks to you and you'd like to know more, hit me up!


Is it really to much to ask to want to glow, have energy, be happy and feel alive EVERY day?!

Leave it to Mom Nature.  Like any good mommy, she has all kinds of secret kisses and remedies to take away boo-boos and "make it all better". 

She's been doing that for centuries with her plant medicine and out ancestors paid attention. 

Yet somewhere along the way, in the land of pills, potions and genetic engineering, we forgot about natural remedies.  Now we have evolved to a society of sick people. 

WAY too many kids on antidepressants.  Rampant obesity.  Medications that have a list of side effects that could circle the world. Twice. 

What to do?  One way to start to keep our families (incl. pets), our dispostitions, our enviroments happier, healthier, cleaner, richer is to take charge of your own wellness.  

How?  3 steps:

  • Get the toxins out (that means in our thoughts, our bodies, our environment)
  • Put something healthy back into that space (i.e. vibrant thoughts, decent nutrition, functional relationships, etc.)
  • Be mindful of keeping it that way

Our personal wellness inspires others around us to bring forth their best selves, too....much like a high tide raises all ships. 

One of my favorite companies, dōTERRA® International, offers essential oil products that can help with the 3 steps above.  We have an alignment with a wellness philosophy, which is why in 2011, I joined their team of Wellness Advocates to spread the word about natural solutions for better health.

Over these past years, as a doTERRA® Wellness Advocate, my team and I have given witness awe-inspiring results - many times when no other alternatives worked.  

Bonus:  The oils I exclusively use are certified therapeutic grade essential oils (superconcentratedplantextracts) that are tested onsite at their distillation sites, then by outside labs, and again in the bottling facilities, assuring that the pure and potent oil you expect is exactly what's in the bottle.  (Gotta be super careful in the essentail oil world, given its white hot popularity and sneaky ways to that synthetics can smell, ya know).

Not surprising that with the level of efficacy of their products, in only 8 years in the marketplace, dōTERRA® is now the largest essentail oil company on the planet.  

I really could use some help from you healers, leaders and teachers out there to spread this simple message with me:  Consider plants.  Seriously.  We can easily share healthy, non-toxic products to get more families happier by being healthier. 

If you have a curiosity, check out more at my other website.   I'm eager to support you whether you have a curiosity or a serious interest in becomeing a user, sharer or even builder of your own wellness business with the highest quality essential oils.  

Make a difference for yourself and your family....and the world at large will benefit. 


Don't you just want to crawl into a closet and lock the door when your web designer asks you for your written content...again?

Admit it.  You need a presence in the marketplace and don't have a clue how to present yourself in a way that your marketing copy gets the job done.

Enter WordQueens!  I'm a copywriter and I can save you from writing hell.

I've been effectively writing marketing and sales copy for over 30 years in different industries.  In 2009-10, I actually decided to get some education around improving my professional copywriting skills, and voila!  Now I make up original content (professionally, of course) for whoever needs to get their marketing message out to the world.

When you realize you can't, won't or it's probably better that you don't put your written ideas out in a "public" sort of way, I'd be happy to see if I can support you expressing your message in written form.

Although at WordQueens, we prefer to think you would want to have chocolate almond fudge over plain vanilla, if the best vanilla on the planet is what your message is about, we can write vanilla. Sort of.  

I'm here for you one day acknowledge, "I need a writer...and it's not me!"


Crap.  I forgot to send Grandma a birthday card, I'm overdue getting my buddy a thank you gift for that awesome referral, and I don't have time to run to the store and grab a sympathy card for my friend who lost his pet.  

How many times in a year - or month, for that matter, do you get all pissed at yourself because you forgot to acknowledge some special occasion? 

Or thank someone for a referral? 

Yeah, and what about your sweet friend who picked up the kids twice in the past two weeks because meetings ran long?  

"I didn't get Aunt Jennie a gift...and my co-worker really needs to be acknowledged for all those extra hours my project required...and...and...and...!"

I get it....it's just so much to remember and you forgot to add it to the grocery list, the errand list and then the stop for the postageg stamps....and POOF!  No acknowledgement happens. :(

Sweetie, let me simplify your world.

Take a look at how greeting cards inspire.  No more running to the greeting card isle of your favorite card store.  What?...you want to add a gift, too?  Gift cards, gourmet foods, motivational books and more can be added to your personalized card (which, BTW, will cost about 1/4 of what you'll find in the card isle at the store, just sayin').

Easy peasy.

What if you could simply do that all in about 10 minutes, online, any time of the day (not just when stores or the mailing services is open for business), spend under a $1.00 for a card, have your gift or gift card added and have it sent for you with a first class stamp?  

You keep sane and get to be a hero.  Bottom line.

If you want to really get fancy, you can customize your greeting cards (in your own handwriting font and your favorite photo if you want to) and have the option to include a gift card from major retailers, or maybe yummy brownies or an inspiring book for your team.

Don't whine about not having enough time to do this when you now know of a simple system.

Get your entire holiday card list with a click.

If you are in the U.S. or Canada and can't figure out how to send a card from the video shown on the link, email me and I'll help keep you top of mind and loved the most. :)


Bummer that you can't see yourself doing what you're doing while you're doing it....

What's the common theme of highly effective professionals...whether in business, sports or entertainment?  They know they cannot achieve their elite level of effectiveness on their own. 

Why?  Because they cannot see/hear/witness themselves while they are doing their own thing. 

They need a trained observer to watch and/or listen to them perform.  They hire coaches for what they are "blinded to" or could use some external guidance/input. 

Once you become aware that, as Marshall Goldsmith so eloquently titled, "What Got You Here, Won't Get You There", it may be your time to step into something you are ready for - next.  I've been leading business teams, direct sales teams and coaching for 30 years.

In 2002, I opened Inspiring Insight, my professional coaching business during my coaching certification (CEC) program and have recently taken down my big, long, somewhat antiquated coaching website to strip it.  Then decided not to put it back up because I don't want to maintain it with all the other writing and team support I do.

After thousands of hours coaching executives, managers and entrepreneurs and building direct sales teams over the years, I maintain a handful of rock star clients right now and expand my capacity when I hear someone who comes to me with one thing: WILLINGNESS.

Willingness to have something that person or team can't have without someone trained to get them there.  

If you're "up to something" and know in your heart that it's not happening with just you driving the bus, let's chat to see if I might be the navigator you seek.   Redirecting or recharging your life or your business with my customized coaching programs require a minimum of 6 months commitment to our work together. 

Based on my years of experience, you won't likely start getting upset until months 4 or 5 - kinda like a new job or new relationship when the honeymoon stage wears off.  THAT's when you have your sustainable breakthroughs!  SO worth it - thus the "willingness" test.

I also offer Ideation Strategy sessions on a "by-the-hour" basis.  I SO LOVE the people who come to me for this crazy fun custom work!  Designed exclusively for those who would like to quickly get an inspired, genius idea/concept and shift them forward with an actionable plan, these fast-paced meetings....create.

That said, if ideation is what you are seeking from me regarding input, ideas, suggestions on your "thing", and you say "let's do coffee", know that I'll be ready to get an update on your kids and your vacation, not working.


Did you know you carry around your own GPS with you?

Yes, and you don't have to keep it in your car or depend on your iPhone. 

You have it in your hands

As a professional hand analyst (aka: palm reader for you artists out there) for over 20 years, I can help you decipher a few things:

  • where you may not be in alignment with your potential
  • how you emote (or not) in relationships
  • whether you insist on things your way
  • how to recognize a high need for independence - your own or who you are in relationship with
  • whether you will "buy" the first time you hear a sales presentation (or know if your prospects will)
  • numerous other traits unique to only you

I can work with you individually, help your sales or customer service team, do a "relational" reading with you and your sweetie to have you learn more about each other, or even be the "entertainment" at your corporate events or private parties.  Because I live in the Minneapolis, MN, USA area, it's best that you are local for this experience.  Unless, of course, you want to fly me to somewhere warm.


Is there a more inspirational series of books than the Chicken. Soup for the Soul® Series?   

I've had the good fortune to have several experiences in my years in direct sales to be blessed with one inspiring story after another.  I don't believe there is an industry that exists today that has better training, support and encouragement for self growth direct selling industry. 

Why?  Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to win without encouraging the person above you, beside you, and new to your team, as well as build a solid customer base of people you love to serve.  That's really the game of life.  The people who "get it" excel, grow and inspire others.  

When I heard the Chicken Soup® people were doing a book about the network marketing industry, I though, "Wow, I must have a story somewhere in me that belongs in that book!" 

And I did...the one about my mom and what shifted in her life, my life and her "ripple effect" that resulted from being inspired by going to a business convention with me.  She thought she was "going on vacation".  What a surprise to everyone there...and what she created when she got back home! 

If you have a team in direct sales, are in business for yourself, are even thinking of starting something a new verture on your own or just plain need to get over yourself, you owe it to yourself to check out this book: Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer's Soul®.  If you decide to order the book, use my Customer Code inspire, and save yourself 15%!  My story is on page 119.  You may need tissue for some of the others.  Kody Bateman's story (the guy who started the ginormously successful genius greeting card system I talked about a few paragraphs up on this page) has a beautiful story in that book, too.