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When something new becomes common in your world, do you tend to start seeing or hearing it everywhere?  Take words, for example.  "Like, neat, keen, groovy, awesome, tight, sick" (all depending on your era, of course) are commonly used in conversation.  This leads me to my point of the day.

Over the past month or so, I’ve been seeing some rendition of the word “wonder” on a consistent basis.  The “wonder” of children, ”wonderful” ideas, “wondrous” works of some literary genius, even the seasonal “winter wonderland”.  Then just this morning, I read my friend Chere Bork’s Taste Life newsletter and one of her fans wrote, “Wonderful is the word of the year for me this year.” You can read her fun article at www.cherebork.com and look into her Taste Life Archives for today.

I liken this “it’s everywhere” phenomenon to the scenario where one never notices a certain brand of car until they buy a particular make and model, then the same vehicle seems to be everywhere.  Another blindness to what is always “out there” are real estate signs…do you really ever even see them unless you are in the real estate business or in the market for a house?

When I was in church on Christmas Eve with my family, Fr. Tim, one of the best storytellers of all time, gave a sermon about how some names are being banned from Facebook because they probably aren’t “real names”, although many of them actually belong to real human beings.   He went on to compare a passage from Isaiah 9:6-7 which says, in part, “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”  His point was…would Facebook ban these other names that were given to Jesus?  Clever analogy.  Yet again…there’s that word…“Wonderful”.

Dragging out Webster, “wonder” is defined 1) a person, thing or event that causes astonishment and admiration; prodigy; marvel. 2) a feeling of surprise, admiration and awe aroused by something strange, unexpected, incredible, etc. 3) a miraculous or apparently miraculous thing or act; miracle.

I wondered what kinds of things actually fit these definitions.  Do you realize there actually many different “Seven Wonders of the World?”  The original list we learned when we were kids, then the “New” list, and several others that could fall under definition #1 above because, although something to marvel, they were all built by people.  The Seven Natural Wonders of the World relate to incredible places in nature.  I’m suspecting the feeling described in definition #2 might be experienced when one would visit those sites.

Just the other night I was at a business after hour event.  Being that we just opened up this 2010 year, I was curious about a few of the conversations directed toward the excitement and anticipation of this new year and the larger number of people who were more than happy that 2009 is fading into the sunset.  Could it be an anticipation or glimmer at what definition #3 might have in store?  Does the clean slate that comes with changing calendars also create a hope, renewed energy and new space for miracles to take shape?  I wonder.

As you begin to wade, jump or dive into your new year and the beginning of this new decade, why not give yourself a gift each day?  Be curious about something you never paid attention to before.  It is sure to get you out of ruts that might form from sameness and habits of your day-to-day.

Nature is a great place to start, especially if you could put yourself back in time with thoughts.  It's easy if you have someone around age 4 in your world.  "I wonder how old that giant tree is?  I wonder why all the bees kiss flowers?  I wonder how come when I'm swimming in the lake, the “warm spots” move but the lake doesn’t move?  I wonder why people smile when they play with puppies?”  You get the idea.  Actually, kids use the word "why", which isn't all that effective for adults, so replace it with "wonder".  Plus, it sounds more magical.  You’ll be witness to miracles daily and your ability to find creative solutions in your work, play and relationships will skyrocket.

So at the end of 2010, after a year of “wondering” you can say, “Wow, what an inspiring year it’s been.  I experienced miracles, have uncountable wonderful memories, have given and received the blessings of many wondrous deeds!  I wonder what I'll wonder about in 2011.”

BE the inspiration YOU are in your clean, shiny, new 2010!

Wondrous blessings-


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