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Bringing Forth Brilliance

And so it begins.

As we dawn another “1” year numerologically, a full year of beginnings...

The Inspire Company formally launches.

I received the vision (literally) of “inspire” – and all its accompanying “words” – in our last “1” year, 2008. 

That first day, I searched online to find what maybe the vision could be about – only to find nothing.  Except snagging the domain name: theinspirecompany.com. :)

The concept was new.  It was apparently for me to do.  I didn’t know in the beginning what the PURPOSE of these messages were to be – I was only given the initial “look” of the inspire word with a symbol on the second “i” of the word. Was it a brand? A movement?  Somehow what I SAW was to combine with what I HEARD years before:

“Feed the masses our wisdom, Dear One, for the purpose of bringing forth their greatness.”

The “inspire” vision/directive came on a very auspicious day: 8-8-08.  Since that first day of nabbing the domain name, it has undergone a ridiculous amount of concept overhauls, curiosities, stalls for months at a time (underscoring the ineffectiveness of resistance), “informal launches”, transitions in support teams, more annoying “word” and website copy rewrites than is reasonable – all to uncover/discover the VALUE for those this work is to speak to.  The damn thing wouldn’t leave me alone. 

Meaningful, wise colleagues, friends and some of my coaches eventually got through to me that this vision was given to me purposely.  I am the messenger of this concept.  No one else.  Just figure it out and do it.

Being a mom, coach, team leader, master teacher/master healer (palmisty), of course my job is to bring forth the brilliance in others.

I needed to combine that charge along with what I’ve come to learn professionally after thousands of hours working with the human condition.

The common denominator:  People are simply seeking happiness.

Hundreds of journal pages (it's been years after all) and the purpose of what this message of the "inspire" finally appeared in its simplicity: 

Inspired, happy, fulfilled people...

  • do what they authentically LOVE
  • don’t go home to yell at the kids and kick the dog
  • are at peace within themselves to some higher degree
  • create a ripple effect -- their joy and brilliance infects those around them at a much higher vibration
  • are not victims to their circumstances 

Boom. They live what The Inspire Company is about:

Be inspired. Live happy. Pass it on.

Yet, there are many who still seek what makes them happy.  They don't know how to uncover/discover what inspires them.

The Inspire Company offers a format for uncovering what may be the very thing that will Rock.Your.Life!

Check out the daily "WORD"s (Wild Outrageous Relentless Desire™) which offer thoughts and action ideas to help you bring forth your brilliance, and a life of fulfillment and meaning. Maybe a specific WORD is yours, maybe it's not.  Keep going - there will be another option tomorrow.

“Relentless” because what you are seeking is also seeking you. 

Give it a shot because you won't know if "dance inspires" if you don't dance, will you?

Despite no functioning website (yet), you can find theinspirecompany daily “inspire words” along with some specific direction on facebook, twitter and instagram.

As for me, my personal word for 2017 is “brilliance”. 

brilliance inspires

In some way, theinspirecompany may provide a tactic for YOU to Bring Forth Your Brilliance.


The Heat is On!

Oh crap.  It’s the first day of NaBloPoMo.  I felt like I was off the hook because November is and has been NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  Considering I’ve been putting off the book(s) I allegedly have in me for enough Novembers, this one isn’t of any significance in that department.

For you author-wanna-be's out there out there:  Those of you who would like to birth a book fast, you better get on it, because today is DAY 1.  Ready – Fire – Aim!  I’m presuming you can find some sort of support at www.nanowrimo.org if you need to regurgitate a novel in 30 days.

That still leaves me with the NoBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) dilemma.  NoBloPoMo is called “Glorious Madness” on BlogHer.  "Madness" I understand.  "Glorious" - not so much.  Although I don’t blog on that site, it’s pretty significant peer pressure to have all this commentary out there and mine isn’t part of it.

Last month I told WOW (my writers group) that although I write a lot daily, I haven’t done a blog post in close to forever.  Connie, the genius editor who runs the group, asked what I thought my “block” was on blogging and what do I write about on my site(s).  I replied, “Whatever shows up in my head” to which she simply stared at me and said, “That’s scary.”   

I continued the conversation that I was tired of being “proper” in my personal commentary.  When I want to say “I don’t give a shit”, I would write “I don’t care that I don’t care”.  Not anymore, because I’ve got too many days of posting coming up with this NoBloPoMo pressure.

There you go.  Forewarned is forearmed.  I’m curious to see what kind of “scary” comes out on these pages over the next month, too.


How do you act when you are your best self?

I waited until my birthday (today) to announce "brilliance inspires"!

It's a daily treat for you to play with in less than 2 minutes...and guide you to bringing forth your brilliance in a way you've not generated before.

The "system" is super easy...I've really done all the work for you.  After thousands of hours with clients over the years, I've simplified a formula for you to easily recognize your "best self", your brilliance, if you will, that is so radiant that you can't help but be dazzling.

Your only investment is to engage and have a couple of thoughts...which I will actually "prompt" for you!

It's "fall-off-a-stone-easy"...and could be life altering.  You never know what your brilliance will do once you tap into it, then let it shine!  Ooo...ahhh.

Watch for details next week.




Just Do It

Just do it?    That sentence is incomplete.

Yes, those three short words are an effective marketing slogan for Nike, right along side of their internationally recognized swoosh symbol.  For practical purposes though, the sentence isn’t complete.  Before we get started, I’m disclosing that I have nothing against Nike, and own products of theirs.  That’s not the point of this commentary.

Here’s my point:  An ad may have an example of a decent athlete doing some activity, say jogging.  That must mean that if you buy a product with a swoosh, you would conceivably be able to “just do it” even though you haven’t put on a pair of running shoes in 10 years...or maybe ever, right? 

When it comes to a majority of us actually taking any action on whatever our “it” is that were supposedly able to “just do”, the fun little 3-word sentence really doesn’t work well or consistently . 

For years I’ve had a number of my clients finishing that sentence for themselves:  Just do it afraid.  Just do it alone.  Just do it because I can.  Just do it anyway.  Just do it because it’s the right thing to do, etc.

This website is a classic example.  This is the first post I’ve made in months.  I’ve owned my domain name for years.  If I would “Just Do It” and create a website by myself out of thin air, it’s reasonable to assume I wouldn’t have a crater-sized lapse in time since my last post and this one.  My problem was that I didn’t have MY correct ending to my “Just do it...” sentence. 

I fully grasp that I could be (and have been referred to) as a poster child for “technologically inept”, despite that I have interacted online quite a bit and also do website copywriting for WordQueens.  But html is a language I understand as well as Swahili and I didn’t find myself all that motivated to “just do it”.   

Once I was able to finally tell myself “just do it because it matters”, I had my inspired purpose and became interested and motivated to find solution to creating my website with a format that I didn’t break out from hives from doing AND would import all of my old WordPress blog postings.  Thank you squarespace!  Oh, and .... YAY!  I’m no longer “Under Construction”.

As the page turns to uncover YOUR very own 2011...the one involving you, your business, your friends and family, and our society at large, how are you proposing to accomplish your dreams, desires and goals for the upcoming 12 months?  What “purpose” will generate some inspired action?  First of all, think of something you would really, really like to DO.  Now write it down, because you’ll get further instructions in a minute.

(Side Note:  One way the sentence, “Just do it”, makes sense would be in response to a “should I ...” or “shouldn’t I....” scenario.   That’s not the thing you’ll be writing down as the thing you would really, really like to do (or it wouldn't be a "should" for you).  Your intuition already knows the correct response for you on any “should” question you could come up with...so that’s easy.  Do that another time if you’d like.)

Even more inspiring and motivating for both the initiation AND completion of your “thing to do” would require that you have a purpose.  Your purpose is a deep desire of yours for a compelling end result, even if that result means getting the monkey off your back. 

Now, look again at what you wrote down for the thing you would really, really like to DO and read it s-l-o-w-l-y out loud to yourself.  Ok, now keeping that thought in your mind, then answer this:   “How would I complete my ‘Just Do it________’ sentence in order to have that happen?”  Stop and close your eyes for about 20-30 seconds while you ponder that question.

See?  I bet your inner voice just whispered an answer to you, didn’t it?  Yes, the first thing that popped into your brain is a CLUE - a meaningful place to start your inspired action.  Congrats!  I’d love to hear your thoughts about what your inspired action is all about for your 2011!

Thank you for joining me here at cindydaniels.com.  I’ll be updating material, promos and more sources, you might find of value.  Love it if you would stop by again soon.

Keep inspiring!