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A Reflection on this Mother's Day

It matters not whether you birth, love, grow or nurture people, pets, plants, communities or causes, may you and your "babies" be blessed.
30 years ago today, I was blessed with my first of 3 ongoing "life experiments" as I became a mom for the first time.
Although I'm not at the point of growth that millions of moms before me have experienced, here's what I've figured out (so far) about the experiment called "Motherhood":
 - "Urgency" will be re-defined over the years
 - Moms learn more than they teach
 - Moms laugh more than they cry
 - Repetition and reminders for skill development is important
 - Repetition and reminders for chores, curfews and skills already learned is annoying
 - A mother will grow to appreciate her mom, grandmother and other wise women
 - "All Choices have Consequences" is not the answer kids like most
 - Refrigerator "art" is meaningful
 - The sky is not falling 
 - "Silence is golden" is debatable
 - A child will wake up with a temp on a day you are pitching a giant proposal
 - If you don't have a Plan B, one will be created pretty quickly
 - "No." is the shortest sentence that will generate the longest ongoing "discussion"
 - Bedtime stories matter.  So does playing chauffeur.
 - Self-care is mandatory
 - Mommy, Ma!, Mommmmmmmm, Mother, Mama, Hey Mom - is an evolution of the first word a baby says, a child's most comforting "go to" as they grow, and the words a mother will never tire of hearing
 - "I love you, Mommy" evolves to "I love you, Mom"...and will still melt your heart
Happy Mother's Day!