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Infuse Love / Evoke Passion

This title sounds almost like a Valentine’s Day theme.  Yet, right before Mother’s Day, maybe it’s even timelier that I write this as there is no greater love than that of a mother.

Last week I was at a “Diva event” which was a promotion for a new very cool local wellness center.  One of the speakers that evening had a topic about creating better relationships, which piqued my interest.  One part of my business is involved with relationship marketing tools, so ongoing learning to be a better relater is something I’ll likely be working on for the rest of my days, in an expectation that one day I’ll get it right.  I believe that people tend to teach what they get to learn better, so more tools in my toolbox is a good thing.  I jumped into the seminar and, of course, being vocal, I (my relationship stuff) was the topic of discussion in the group.  What’s that saying?  - “Experience is what we get when we don’t get what we want.”  Oh, gotta love feedback.

The presenter talked about the concept of “infusing love”.  Wow!  That resonated with my philosophy that “the one with the biggest energy wins”, which got my brain spinning even more.  How many people do you know can change the energy of a room just by walking into it?  He or she could be charming, charismatic and gorgeous.  How about a toddler pitching a fit or an adult wanting to share his or her mad-on?  Did you ever experience someone who hit a jackpot of some kind and wanted to “share the news”?  We’ve all experienced that kind of large, vocal, “instant” kind of energy, that when infused into the environment, will shift “what was” to an entirely new situation.

Now imagine a large, quiet, enveloping energy – a giant dose of unconditional love – similar to a parent or grandparent holding the context, mood, expectation and belief in a child.  The inspiration, fulfillment and contentment of the second scenario is not as instant and jarring as the former scenarios, yet the lasting effect of love energy is permanent, evasive and something we all retain in our souls.

Big energy often appears that it is cast into a space, onto a person or into a situation.  A person in a position of authority might set a stage of expectations that comes from a commanding or controlling perspective, thinking that kind of behavior will get results faster.  It often does.  The responding parties will comply because of unease, retribution or some other fear-based emotion and the pervasive longer-lasting result is often resentment.  Did you ever hear the statement, “Resentment is the poison you take hoping someone else will die”?  How could this strategy ultimately result in a long term gain if those involved are expected to be happy, productive contributors?  Isn’t that in itself an ideal?  Ask anyone what they want the closest people in their lives to experience and the ultimate response is always, “I want them to be happy.”

A couple of years ago one of my clients, who held a management position, was responsible for the performance of numerous people and an improved bottom line for the organization.  Holding a position of authority as a leader, the manager believed in the need to act as an authoritarian.  In this case, it wasn’t authoritarian as in a "teacher" who has an expertise in a subject; it was the authoritative type of conduct that was assertive, directive and controlling.  It finally became apparent that the forceful style of addressing issues and duties continually prompted frustration with all involved.  “I want to instill pride into them!” was a repeated comment by this individual who was charged to lead. Really?!  How can one “instill” anything into someone when they already have it?  It almost gets me as upside-down as saying, “I’m empowering my team.”  What?!  Who made you God today thinking you have the ability to give anyone else power?  Geez!  How about “evoking” pride? What about recognizing that empowerment is an inside job?  Any trait, skill, value, passion or characteristic that lies dormant can be shaken up and brought forth with the right kind of attention, nurturing energy or compelling reason.

Bringing forth one’s genius, brilliance or passion comes from a source of energy rooted in love, trust and an of-course-you/I-can belief.  It can be as simple as the example of how all of us learned to walk.  We were determined, encouraged, fell down, got up and didn’t waiver in the belief we could do it.  We had someone believe in, encourage and guide us. At some point, all of us who have achieved something beyond what we originally thought possible for ourselves had a parent, teacher, partner, coach, friend, business associate or mentor that held the bar up for us, gave little energy to our limiting "circumstances", infused love and said, “Yes, you can”.  And we did.

Be that today.  Be love loving.  Think of your mom and all the others who nurtured you and assisted in evoking your passion and greatness at one time in your life.  They lit your candle when it was dark in your world.  Their candle never diminished by lighting yours.  Now it's your turn. Where can you light a candle or two today?

Be the inspiration YOU are –


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