When lavender essential oil motivates (vs. relaxes)
Monday, December 19, 2016 at 11:56PM
Cindy Daniels

It’s not every day that one gets to experience the harvesting of some of the highest quality lavender essential oil available on earth.

Well, it’s happening in my dream-come-true world in Bulgaria in July – seven short months away!

Last year, doTERRA International, the world’s largest essential oil company, opened a state-of-the-art distillery in Bulgaria, called Esseterra.  I thought that was a cool name because my doTERRA® team’s name is “essence inspires”, well, because it does.

Later, the first time I saw a picture of that distillery – which appeared to me to look like a really nice pole shed equipped with super high-tech equipment out in the middle of the country – I thought, “I have to go there.”  I don’t know if it’s my Slavic (Polish) heritage or WI farm girl background or my gardening addiction or what…that place just called me.

Fast forward to attending my 5th annual doTERRA® convention in September.  I mention the number of years, because I truly never saw long lines of people waiting to do something on computer screens in the Healing Hands Foundation area at the conference in prior years. 

After inquiring, if found out the were purchasing tickets to be put into the lottery drawings for who can go on 2017 Co-Impact Sourcing service trips scheduled to Nepal, Guatemala and Bulgaria.  Naturally, I donated to the foundation for both of the Bulgaria trips, thinking it would increase my odds.  Weeks later, I found out my name was drawn for one of the trips!  Dang!!!!!!!!!  The instructions said that “30 of the 50” selected in the lottery for that trip that signed up at convention would be able to apply for a spot on the trip at a future date/time.

I logged in the very minute the site opened for applications (and the non-refundable deposit) and noticed there were only 9 spots left! Yikes! I typed fast enough to hit “enter” and BOOM! – nabbed a spot.  Whew!  Another sign.

Then I looked at airfare to my destination on the Black Sea.  Holy crap.  16-18 hours and a jillion dollars.  Then I paid attention to other details like the actual cost of the sourcing trip, medical stuff, travel insurance.  More than my budget…but HEY – I’ve got skills!  And seriously, what professional doesn’t want to blow 2017 out of the water?

Thus, I've created a great deal for you called, "Highlight Your Personal Best and/or Your Personal Brand" with details on the "PROMOS & EVENTS" page!  Hurry - it expires 1-30-17.

While overseas, we will be intimately involved in some form of significant Healing Hands Foundation service project for the people in Dobrich, Bulgaria (can’t wait) at the same time some of doTERRA®’s precious lavender is being harvested and distilled in their Esseterra distillery!  Geez…where’s my Kleenex as I write this…getting a bit verklempt.

When I told my mom about this trip, she said, “Dobrich” means “good” (in Polish). 

I invite you to help me as I help you make 2017 more than “good”.  Let’s make it significant.

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