wellness inspires is 5 today!
Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 6:25PM
Cindy Daniels

Today is a celebration!

I have been sharing the health and lifestyle benefits with my “wellness inspires” brand – educating about doTERRA® essential oils for FIVE years! 

Having been affiliated with direct sales and relationship marketing effectively since 1992 (and a superfan of the industry model, if done right), I must admit that being a Wellness Advocate with this best-in-class innovative science and education company has made this entrepreneurial journey a blast. Not only do the therapeutic grade essential oils and nutritionals WORK, the company is inventive and attentive on many fronts – a perfect match for “wellness inspires”.

From the doTERRA® founders’ principles, to the cutting edge science, the testing and quality control, the improvements in the lives of the growers’ communities all over the globe where oils are sourced, the individual and team development training and even the exquisite product packaging – all of it makes it easy to celebrate 5 years with this billion dollar wellness company.

Teaching about superconcentratedplantextracts is deeply rewarding for me! I’ve witnessed changed lives of so many – physically, emotionally and financially. Hey, who doesn’t have “stuff”?! My dynamic, growing team is spreading the word about pure and potent essential oils all over the country…and it’s only the beginning.

This IS a Happy Anniversary day. :)

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